Stormly for Marketing Teams

Everybody is busy, we know that. Now thanks to Stormly, the relevance and efficiency of your work is no longer dependent on other teams.

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Get Insights for your marketing team easily

Get a report with key marketing Insights for your team in just a few clicks.

Share the knowledge

Not only can you share success stories, but also actionable know-how, by building and reusing Templates with others in your company or industry.

Use solutions tailored to your marketing needs

Now your company doesn't need a dozen different products to meet your specific needs, and you won't have to build solutions from scratch. Use Templates and enjoy real custom-made solutions for your team.

Save 80 hours a month in manual work and irrelevant reports

Most companies build their own data solutions to match their specific needs. A costly and long process. Thanks to Stormly's flexibility, you can customize your marketing analysis deeply or just stay on auto-pilot, without having to wait on other departments.

Specify user behavior

Define exactly how behaviors like retention, engagement or conversion are defined within your business for more relevant results. Read about User Properties

See what behavior leads to conversion

Stormly automatically finds what behaviors lead to more retention, engagement or conversion. Read about Intelligent Data Analysis

Uncover new segments

Subscribe to an Insight that automatically notifies you when a new user segment is found. Read about Automatic Insights

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Shopify, Segment, Excel, CSV files, or with Stormly directly.

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