Dashboards / Tie together different Insights

Discover the problem, find the solution, and immediately see outcomes by bringing them together in a single dashboard.

The segments you discover can be reused, analyzed or forecasted, until you really dig to the bottom of your data challenges and solve them right away in just a few clicks! 🤯

Create Your Own Insights

Get deeply automated by building fully-customized solutions with our developer-friendly API, using just a few lines of code. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Reuse standard and 3rd party Plugins to build your own custom solutions such as predicting or forecasting for whatever you want. Whether it's clustering or something more specific, we're here to help!

Custom Segments And User Properties

Define User Properties once, then reuse them in all Insights for filtering, segmentation, and as properties to be analyzed using AI.

Create them using our simple to use interface. Define your own business-specific properties—such as your own way to calculate revenue per user, and more.

SQL Everywhere

We're here to help you customize anything using SQL. With the power of custom SQL, setup user properties and machine learning goals for maximum freedom. Use these in all Insights for filtering, segmentation, and much more!

Real-time Model Deployments

The Deploy API allows for rapid deployment of models. All you need is a few clicks and developer-friendly code to get started.

From recommendation engines to churn prediction, Stormly has the right model for you!

Connect your data and get blown away 🤯