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Stormly revolves around the concept of Templates, each specializing in a specific business case to resolve. Templates contain Insights, built from plugins, reports and other elements.



Let us walk you through our new Template and Insight concepts. Discover a new level of quality that will take your business to the next level of data analysis.


Smart Forecasting and Segmenting

Now it's possible to run any Insight on any report. Need to forecast or segment specific user behavior? No problem!



Look into the steps that lead to higher user retention and more upgrades. Discover the "aha" moment for a music streaming app.



Find out how easy it is to gather Insights on webshop data and deploy models that will decrease shopping cart abandonment rate. All that with just a few clicks.



To prepare a strategy for an online travel agency, it's important to recognize customer segments with the highest Customer Lifetime Value. Now you can do it in no time and prepare a tailor-made advertising campaign to acquire more of the most valuable users.


Custom Demo Case

Let's get in touch and see how Stormly can increase your metrics based on your business case.


StormFashion - Free Play

A playground with data based on a fictitious webshop.


StormBeats - Free Play

A playground with data based on a fictitious music streaming app.


TravelSailor - Free Play

A playground with data based on an online travel agency.