Automatic Insights

After answering just a few simple questions, you get accurate Insights delivered to you, whether it is based on machine learning, or reporting based on industry benchmarks.

Look at your data from a specific angle

Subscribe to multiple Insights from different categories and Industries. Look at your data from multiple angles.

Never run reports by hand again

Now all you have to do is refresh an Insight to get new data or get the results automatically on a daily basis.

No need to ask the data team

It doesn't matter if you are a product, marketing, or sales manager, you won't need to bother the data team to get your everyday reports. Want to look at your data from a different angle? Pick a new Insight from the Marketplace.

Run Insights on any report

Automatically segment any report based on discovered user groups, forecast any series from a report and much more with one click.

Many tools claim to deliver automated solutions, but only Stormly really does it.

Try 30-days for free

Give us a try and you'll be amazed.