Stormly vs. Power BI for product analytics

Stormly has reduced the time it takes to get actionable insights compared to Power BI from weeks of work and experimentation, down to just a few clicks. All this means is that you can improve your product's performance without any manual labor or trial-and errors needed!

Improve your product in seconds with out-of-the-box reports

Stormly analyzed common questions people have about their products, then created a solution that will give you the answers for each one of them!

No more manual experimentation - just pick your favorite and add them to the Dashboard. Find out how to improve your product within seconds.

Stormly Power BI
More than 50 out-of-the-box reports
From active users to predicting conversion behavior
Dashboards automatically set-up for you
Predict behavior that leads to goals such as conversion and retention
Sophisticated behavioral filters
Only count conversions within 7 days of signup, after 2nd session and many more
Team Dashboards to visualize user behavior
Saved Reports
Analyzing all data instead of samples to deliver the most accurate results
Monthly payment option
EU data residency

Create team dashboards

Paired with our automatically generated Insights, you can now monitor the success of your company by bringing all insights together in one dashboard. This will help make better decisions that are aligned with what matters most to achieve best results!

Sophisticated behavioral filters

At Stormly, we understand that staying ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding user behavior can be a difficult task.

Only count conversions within 7 days of signup or after the 2nd session? No problem!

Let us run your data on auto pilot

We are the only analytics company that offers fully automated product analytics with reports tailored to your needs. No need to spend days setting up your reports and dashboards.

Answer all product questions

Imagine if you could see exactly how your users behaved and what made them reach their goals. What leads people to complete that order? What makes users become long term engaged with using your product? Get all your answers within a few clicks.

Define custom user behavior and re-use it

Define custom User Behavior once, and re-use it in all filters, audiences and as predictors. Your team will thank you for it!

Get notified with alerts and notifications

Get notified automatically when that new feature doesn't perform as well as expected. Notify your team about drops in conversion before it becomes a problem so you can fix the issue quicker and make sure users are happy!

Use SQL for maximum freedom

Stormly is the best platform for diving deeper into your data. You can define user behavior and attributes in simple queries that anyone else on Stormly will be able to re-use as product goals, filters or audiences!

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Segment, mParticle, Shopify, React, JavaScript, or with Stormly directly.

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