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Use Stormly’s easy-to-use building blocks to quickly create tailor-made data solutions using AI, in the form of Templates that can be shared and reused by others.

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Featured Templates


Retention Behavior

See what user groups are most valuable in terms of financial return on your ad.

+6 Insights


Shopping Cart Abandonment

Detect your shopping cart abandonment rate and improve it by automatically deploying a recommender model.

+3 Insights


Social Media Campaigns

Compare and select the best converting campaigns. Automatically calculate the most efficient spent and user demographics.

+5 Insights


Financial Forecasting

Get weekly forecast of your most important financial KPIs.

+9 Insights

Build your own templates

Build, re-use and fork Templates built by others, using Stormly's easy-to-use building blocks.

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Easy Data Integration

At Stormly, we focus on making it as easy as possible for you to integrate your data. We are compatible with Segment and can export your data from Mixpanel.

Stormly also has its own Website tracking scripts and data collection API end-points. We also support bulk imports via a JSON API, as well as letting you upload Excel, CSV or JSON files directly.

Data Integration »
When the best talent meets excellent software, great things can happen

Get the most skilled people in your sector use their expertise to build custom- made solutions designed to solve your specific problems, using Stormly’s AI- based building blocks.

Save 80% of cost on data analysis

Most companies build their own data solutions to match their specific needs. A costly and long process. Now you can re-use and fork what ohers built or easily create your own Templates, without hours of coding.

Optimize your product automatically,
20x faster

No more time-consuming experiments to find key insights. Use ready-made solutions to get insights from your data. Build automatically the real-time models using content recommendations, churn prediction and more.

Thanks to implementing Stormly, we can now make data- driven decisions in every area of our organization. We’ve automated all our data operations and saved thousands of dollars every month.


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