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Featured Templates


Retention Behavior

See what user groups are most valuable in terms of financial return on your ad.

+6 Insights


Shopping Cart Abandonment

Detect your shopping cart abandonment rate and improve it by automatically deploying a recommender model.

+3 Insights


Social Media Campaigns

Compare and select the best converting campaigns. Automatically calculate the most efficient spent and user demographics.

+5 Insights


Financial Forecasting

Get weekly forecast of your most important financial KPIs.

+9 Insights

Build your own templates

Build, re-use and fork Templates built by others, using Stormly's easy-to-use building blocks.

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Get the most skilled people in your sector use their expertise to build custom- made solutions designed to solve your specific problems, using Stormly’s AI- based building blocks.

Save 80% of cost on data analysis

Most companies build their own data solutions to match their specific needs. A costly and long process. Now you can re-use and fork what ohers built or easily create your own Templates, without hours of coding.

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20x faster

No more time-consuming experiments to find key insights. Use ready-made solutions to get insights from your data. Build automatically the real-time models using content recommendations, churn prediction and more.

Thanks to implementing Stormly, we can now make data- driven decisions in every area of our organization. We’ve automated all our data operations and saved thousands of dollars every month.

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