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Stormly is an AI-powered platform that works as a data consultant

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Replace a dozen products like Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Amplitude, AWS Personalize and others with one simple platform.

We've got a solution for every team.

Save 80 hours a month in manual work and irrelevant reports.

Most companies build their own data solutions to match their specific needs. A costly and long process. Thanks to Stormly's flexibility, you can customize your marketing analysis deeply or just stay on auto-pilot, without having to wait on other departments.

Stormly for Marketing Teams

Optimize your product automatically 90% cheaper, 20x faster.

No more time consuming experiments to find key insights. Use ready-made solutions to find your product's “Aha-Moment” and more. Based on these results, automatically build real-time models using content recommendations, churn prediction and more.

Stormly for Product Teams

Increase your sales by more than 40%.

Data is just as important in Sales as it is in Marketing and Product. You don't have to be a data scientist to use relevant Insights in your work. With Stormly you get key Insights daily and you can make sure that your results are on the right track.

Stormly for Sales Teams
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