Stormly for Sales Teams

Finally, it's time to democratize the data. Get key Sales Insights on a daily basis and make sure your results are right on track.

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Plan your sales pipeline ahead of time

Get Forecasts automatically and plan your sales strategy with the highest precision.

Reach the right customers in the right way

Now you can get a closer look into relevant data without needing help from the marketing or data teams. Finally, sales activities based on data, not assumptions.

Insights for your team

Automatically generate reports with the key Sales Insights and share them with your team.

Increase your sales by more than 40%

Data is just as important for Sales as it is for Marketing and Product. You don't have to be a data scientist to use relevant Insights in your work. Now you can plan and execute your sales tasks with precision. Learn how to subscribe to Sales Insights from your industry and benefit from a data driven approach in Sales in the video below.

Find a relevant Template

Open a specific Template from the Sales category in the Marketplace. Read about Templates

Get sales Insights

Once you open a chosen Template, Stormly prepares a sales analysis together with suggested solutions. Read about Automatic Insights

Save and reuse Segments

Once your Segments are available, they can be saved and reused anywhere. From Forecasting reports to lead scoring. Read about User Properties

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Shopify, Segment, Excel, CSV files, or with Stormly directly.

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