Stormly for Product Teams

Have you ever had to wait for the data team to deliver key insights to help improve a product?
Get full Insights and real-time model deployments that improve your product automatically.

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Get Insights for your team easily

With Stormly, you can get a report with key product Insights for your team with a few clicks.

Build the right product in the right way

Make all your product decisions based on Insights delivered to you automatically, on a daily basis.

Optimize your product

Don't waste time asking for budgets to build product optimizing models. Build them automatically with Stormly using our automated model creation and deployment features.

Optimize your product automatically: 90% cheaper, 20x faster

No more time consuming experiments to find key insights. Use ready-made solutions to find your product's “Aha-Moment” and more. Based on these results, automatically build real-time models using content recommendations, churn prediction and more.
See how easily you can optimize your product basing on the example of Music App in the video below.

Find a relevant Template

Open a specific Template from the Product category in the Marketplace. Read about Templates

Get product Insights

Once you open a chosen Template, Stormly prepares a product analysis together with suggested solutions. Read about Automatic Insights

Optimize your product

Based on the results, you can automatically deploy a ready to implement recommender, churn prediction or other models to optimize engagement. Read about Deployments

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Shopify, Segment, Excel, CSV files, or with Stormly directly.

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