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Discover steps that lead to higher user engagement and more upgrades. Discover the "Aha" moment for a music streaming app, and optimize it with real-time model deployments.

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Improve key metrics

Uncover your product's “Aha” moment automatically by using product management Templates.

Share the knowledge

Not only can you share success stories, but also actionable know-how, by building and reusing templates with others in your company or industry.

Optimize your product

Don't waste time asking for budgets to build product optimizing models. Stormly builds them automatically for you with our automated model creation and deployment features.

Discover your product's "Aha" moment

This Case Study shows how to uncover the key moment that users become engaged with a product, using a music streaming app as an example. We will show you how easy it is to recognize opportunities with Stormly and increase engagement.

Find a relevant Template

Open a specific Template from the Product Management category in the Marketplace. Read about Templates

Get Aha-moment Insights

Once you open the chosen Template, Stormly prepares an "Aha" moment analysis together with suggested solutions. Read about Automatic Insights

Optimize your product

Deploy a ready-to-implement Recommender and increase engagement by recommending content that leads users towards the "Aha" moment. Read about Deployments

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Shopify, Segment, Excel, CSV files, or with Stormly directly.

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