By: Stormly Team in Knowledge

How to find your product's aha moment- fast?

As a product manager, you know that finding your product’s aha moment is key to its success. But how can you do that quickly and efficiently? In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to find your product’s aha moment fast. So read on and find out how you can make your product successful!

The aha-moment is the moment when users finally gain value from an app or website. When you know what this special moment is, you can create a better onboarding experience that will increase user retention and conversion rates.

Knowing what user behavior leads to higher retention or conversion is crucial in creating a product with high engagement.

Your goal should be to figure out exactly what moment leads your users to see the value in your product so that you can replicate that experience for other users.

Once you identify the key behavior, you can use it to create targeted messaging and content that will help new users understand the value of your product. By providing a clear path to the aha-moment, you can increase engagement and conversions while helping your users get the most out of your product.

Some examples of the aha-moments are:

  • 10 friends added in the first 7 days: This early insight helped Facebook to focus their marketing efforts and refine their product to engage users especially in the first 7 days after creating an account. They did this by suggesting friends that you might know and making it super easy to invite them as your connection.

  • Listening to 10 songs in the first 2 hours: Spotify’s product team used this information to create a recommendation engine to suggest to new users the songs they are most likely to listen to.

  • Sending 15 messages in the first 3 days: The product team used this data to improve their messaging feature.

Stormly’s Aha-moment Insight is the easiest way to discover your product’s aha-moment without having to experiment for hours. It only needs one input and can automatically uncover your Aha-Moment.

After setting what is the conversion action you want to optimize for, Stormly will give you the result automatically. On top of that, you’ll automatically get notified when new and interesting aha-moments start appearing for your app or website. Stormly’s Aha-moment Insight is the smartest and quickest way to ensure that you’re always on top of your product’s performance.

Developing a sound marketing strategy is essential for any business looking to find success. So once the aha-moment is identified, the marketing strategy can be built around it, ensuring that the target audience is reached.

For example, if adding 10 friends in 7 days is the aha-moment for a social networking app, the marketing strategy can be focused on easily finding and adding friends. By tailoring the marketing strategy to the product’s aha-moment, businesses can ensure that their message is getting through to potential customers.

If you want to find your product’s aha moment fast, sign up to Stormly. We can help you figure out what makes people buy your product and how to increase those conversions. Our tool is designed for product teams who want to get actionable insights about their users within minutes, not hours of experimentation. Sign up now and see how easy it is to get started!