By: Stormly

A/B Testing

  • Shows which A/B version is the winning one and with how much signifiance.

  • Experiment on event conversion, retention, sessions, revenue, viral coefficient and much more.

  • Automatically determines sample size and how many days your experiment should run

  • Shows conversion lift (relative conversion improvement), and helps decide if the economic impact is big enough to implement the new variation

To track experiment data, use the Set-Up Data option in the projects page.

To A/B test viral coefficients, you also need to track user referrals. For more information see Referring Users / Virality in the Setup Data page of your project.

Test Conversion
This Insights allows you to run an experiment and detect if there is a significant difference in users performing an event a specified number of times.
Test Retention
Test Sessions
Test Virality
Test Total Amount
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