Stormly for Developers

Stay focused on the code, not infrastructure. Free your time to work on building fully custom solutions for your business.

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Stay focused on the code

Our developer-first approach means you spend less time on infrastructure and integrating your code. Spend more time on what matters.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Re-use existing 3rd party plugins, allowing you to predict, recommend, or do anything else, with just one line of code.

Build custom solutions

Use our simple-to-use API to integrate components like Reports, Segments, Plugins and Intelligent Models. Add Variables to let others do a what-if analysis without your help.

Save 80% of the time spent on infrastructure and integrations.

Don't waste time on infrastructure or integrating machine learning models with your product. Instead, use the developer API to build custom solutions for your company that can be reused in a flexible way by everyone.

Developer API

With the developer API, you can build fully-customized Insights according to your business needs. You can also reuse 3rd party machine learning plugins with just a few lines of code. Read about Developer API

Integrate into your product

Automatically optimize your product by using a single API call, whether your need to predict churn, recommend content or anything else. Read about Deployments

Extend what you can do

Write plugins that extend what you can do with your data. Run them on top of reports and machine learning models, and make them easy to reuse by everyone in your company. Read about Plugins

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Shopify, Segment, Excel, CSV files, or with Stormly directly.

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