Stormly for Data Scientists

Free up your time from infrastructure and what-if scenarios requested by other teams. Focus on building the best models.

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Bring your own models

Already have custom in-house models? Bring your code to Stormly for a much simpler data pipeline.

Focus on building models

Spend less time on infrastructure and deployments, and more on building the right models. From model creation, optimizing hyper-params, deployments or generating insights, we've got you covered.

No more what-if scenarios

You simply define a few base components and questions that can be reused everywhere. Management can now do their own analysis, based on the deeply customized SQL user properties you've prepared.

Spend 80% less time on infrastructure and what-if requests.

Using our SQL Everywhere approach, you can define high-quality features and conversion goals, customized to your business needs, so you can deliver the best results. The results are reusable in a flexible way that lets everyone in your company do their own experiments.

SQL goal conversion

Are your standard conversion goals not cutting it? Go deeper by specifying a custom SQL goal more relevant to your problem. Read about Custom SQL

Bring your own models

Our plugin system allows you to keep the existing models you've created and reuse them on our platform. Read about Plugins

SQL- based user features

Use SQL to define user properties and features to your business. They can be reused by anyone in Reports, Segments, Intelligence Analysis and more. Read about Custom SQL

Easy Data Integration

Integrate with Shopify, Segment, Excel, CSV files, or with Stormly directly.

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