Stormly for E-Commerce

Find out how easy it is to gather Insights on user behaviour and deploy models that will decrease shopping cart abandonment rate. All that with just a few clicks.

Improve key metrics

Need a way to decrease shopping cart abandonment, churn or improve conversions? Use ready- made e-commerce Templates to get all the answers.

Share the knowledge

Not only can you share success stories, but also actionable know-how, by building and reusing templates with others in your company or industry.

Optimize your product

Don't waste time asking for budgets to build product optimizing models. Stormly builds them automatically for you with automated model creation and deployment features.

Decrease shopping cart abandonment

This case study shows you how to decrease shopping cart abandonment through a step-by-step example of an online fashion store. Let us walk you through Stormly and show you how easy it is to pinpoint challenges and create solutions for them.

Find a relevant Template

Open a specific Template from the e-commerce category in the Marketplace. Read about Templates

Get e-commerce Insights

Once you open a chosen Template, Stormly prepares an e-commerce analysis together with suggested solutions. Read about Automatic Insights

Optimize your product

Based on the results, you can deploy a ready-to-implement Recommender and decrease shopping cart abandonment with just a few clicks. Read about Deployments

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