User Segmentation

Find similar groups of users by behavior and properties

  • Get insight into the different user groups within your data, and how their characteristics relate to doing some conversion action.

  • Discover what user types are more likely to convert to target more accurately your customer acquisition efforts through ad campaigns, content marketing, or growth hacking.

  • Automatically get notified when new and interesting groups of users start using your app or website

No Goal
Detect user clusters without relating no any goal. Just see what segments of users are there.
Performs action one or more times
For example adding an item to the shopping cart at least 2 times or completing a payment.
Reaches minimum amount
For example having at least $99 in sales for all items bought over lifetime of user.
Comes back one or more days later
For example coming back at least 7 days after signing up.
Has one or more sessions
For example having at least 2 sessions, where a session is defined as playing a song at least 8 hours apart.
Completes the last step of a funnel
For example installing the app, signing up, playing a song and then paying for the premium subscription.
Invites one or more other users
What leads someone to invite one or more other users.
Custom SQL conversion
Create your own conversion goal using SQL for maximum customizability.