What behavior leads to one of the many conversion goals

The aha-moment is the moment when users finally gain value from an app or website. When you know what this special moment is, you can create a better onboarding experience that will increase user retention and conversion rates.

Knowing what user behavior leads to higher retention or conversion is crucial in creating a product with high engagement. Your goal should be to figure out exactly what moment your users get the unique benefit of your app or website; this is called the “aha-moment.” Once you know this, you can optimize your app’s onboarding flow so that more people will become engaged.

A few examples of Aha-Moments:

  • 10 friends added in the first 7 days.
  • Listening to 10 songs in the first 2 hours.
  • Sending 15 messages in the first 3 days.

This report only needs one input and can automatically uncover your Aha-Moment; what is the conversion action you want to optimize for?

On top of that, you’ll automatically get notified when new and interesting aha-moments start appearing for your app or website.

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