What behavior leads to one of the many conversion goals

The aha-moment is the moment when users finally gain value from an app or website. When you know what this special moment is, you can create a better onboarding experience that will increase user retention and conversion rates.

Knowing what user behavior leads to higher retention or conversion is crucial in creating a product with high engagement. Your goal should be to figure out exactly what moment your users get the unique benefit of your app or website; this is called the “aha-moment.” Once you know this, you can optimize your app’s onboarding flow so that more people will become engaged.

A few examples of Aha-Moments:

  • 10 friends added in the first 7 days.
  • Listening to 10 songs in the first 2 hours.
  • Sending 15 messages in the first 3 days.

This Template only needs one input and can automatically uncover your Aha-Moment; what is the conversion action you want to optimize for?

On top of that, you’ll automatically get notified when new and interesting aha-moments start appearing for your app or website.

Want to read more about how companies use the aha-moment to improve their products? Read this post about different ways the aha-moment can be used.

Performs action one or more times
For example adding an item to the shopping cart at least 2 times or completing a payment.
Reaches minimum amount
For example reaching at least $99 in sales for all items bought over lifetime of user.
Comes back one or more days later
For example coming back at least 7 days after signing up.
Has one or more sessions
For example having at least 2 sessions, where a session is defined as playing a song at least 8 hours apart.
Completes the last step of a funnel
For example installing the app, signing up, playing a song and then paying for the premium subscription.
Invites one or more other users
What leads someone to invite one or more other users.
Custom SQL conversion
Create your own conversion goal using SQL for maximum customizability.