How Birabo saved its conversion rate by quickly detecting the problem with anomaly detection

Dig into conversion

The conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for Birabo, so we keep a watchful eye on it.

We use the Anomaly Detection report to measure how conversion rates are developing and compare them to what they are expected to be. In case of any deviations, we want to be informed 🤓

Before you can subscribe to alerts, you need to specify the funnel steps for conversion.

Subscribe to alerts

Because there are such diverse populations of mobile and desktop users, we need to make sure they have their own metrics.

This is easy with Stormly reports! Just segment the Anomaly detection by desktop and mobile users, click Subscribe, and voila!

Getting an alert

After the development team released a new version of Birabo, conversion to signup dropped for mobile users specifically. It was only after they received a notification from Stormly they realized something had gone wrong 😱.

Now, our next step is to dig into what could have caused this and figure out how to fix it.

Fixing the issue

After receiving that alert, they went through the user journey and found out a significant flaw. The signup button was accidentally hidden on mobile devices but thankfully, they were able to find this before any major issues or losses could occur.

Now that their conversion rates have been restored, Birabo can continue to focus on improving other areas of the business.

The company saw a surge in engagement after they combined different insights and are now looking forward to the bright future ahead! 🦄

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