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Is Stormly better than Amplitude for product analytics?

Are you looking for a better way to understand how your users are using your product? Or, are you trying to** track user engagement and growth?** If so, then you’re probably wondering if Stormly or Amplitude is the right tool for you. In this blog post, we’ll compare and contrast both tools, so that you can decide which product analytics is better for your needs. Stay tuned!

As anyone who has worked in the tech industry knows, analytics software is constantly evolving. What was once the cutting edge can quickly become outdated, and companies must continually invest in new tools to keep up with the competition.

Amplitude is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Founded in 2014, the company quickly rose to prominence as a leading provider of mobile analytics tools. However, Amplitude has failed to keep pace with newer competitors, and its products are now considered old-fashioned and overpriced.

Moreover, the product is not as comprehensive as some of the newer analytics platforms on the market, it lacks features such as predictions and depth of data analysis. In addition, the company has been criticized for its poor customer service. If you’re looking for a modern analytics solution, you should definitely consider one of Amplitude’s many rivals.

In business, it’s often said that the customer is always right. However, when you’re working with a large software company, you may find that your needs take a backseat to the needs of the company’s major clients. As a result, you may not get the personalized attention you need to achieve your goals.

That is exactly the case with Amplitude. Since their technology is so outdated, it only serves heavyweight corporate companies. So Amplitude gives all attention to them and overlooks smaller companies- therefore you can’t expect a good level of support with your data analysis effort- all you’ve got are a few articles online, but no personalized approach.

This lack of attention can be frustrating and make it difficult to reach your full potential with the software. If you’re considering working with Amplitude, be aware that you may not receive the level of service and support you need to succeed.

If you’re feeling bogged down by tools like Amplitude for product analytics, it might be time to consider switching to Stormly. It is a newer platform that offers a refreshing take on analytics with the latest and greatest technology.

It also has a wide range of features that other platforms, like Amplitude, don’t offer. With Stormly, you can do everything as with Amplitude and more.

The big difference between Stormly and other platforms is that we have more than 50 out-of-the-box reports, covering specific areas of product analytics. Because Amplitude and Mixpanel only have a few basic reports, you’re either constrained because you cannot get the results you need, or it’s cumbersome as you need to work with custom calculations.

With MixPanel for example, to calculate how many daily active users are active in a given month, a ratio, you need to use custom formulas. Most product managers probably have no idea how to create this metric. With Stormly, you can simply pick the active user report, and you will get all metrics related to active users.

One other area where Stormly really excels is the flexibility in behavioral filtering. Especially in product analytics, being able to say that you want a funnel but only if the 2nd step happened within 7 days of signup, or in the 3rd session of a user, where a session is custom defined, allows for really insightful comparisons on behavior.

Those kind of filters are available to any report, in any filter, so it gives unlimited possibilities to model user behavior and compare them.

For an overview of all of our reports, see

What also sets Stormly apart from the competition is its focus on customer success. Unlike other data platforms that simply provide a self-service tool, Stormly also offers advice and guidance to help users achieve their data goals. This hands-on approach has helped many businesses improve their products and find success.

In addition, Stormly’s team is always available to answer questions and provide support. This dedication to customer service is rare in the world of data analytics, and it is one of the things that makes Stormly so special.

When it comes to pricing, there is a clear winner between Amplitude and Stormly. As a medium sized business that collects around 1 million events per month, Amplitude will charge you a minimum of $30,000 per year for their basic features. This doesn’t even include features like A/B testing and other pretty basic functions. If you do add them, you will be charged $50.000 or more, and you have to commit for a whole year.

On the other hand, Stormly- a much better technology- will charge you approximately $10,000 per year for all the features you will need to improve your product. And that’s with an option of monthly payments.

Because Stormly is confident that you will get value from using their software- and they pride themselves on being flexible and adjusting to your needs as a business and changing times. When it comes down to it, Stormly is the clear choice when it comes to pricing options.

When it comes to user data, privacy is a top concern. Amplitude is a US-based company, which means that their data operations are subject to US laws and regulations. This can pose a risk to users who value their privacy, as the US has weaker privacy protections than many other countries. In contrast, Stormly is based in Europe, where data privacy laws are much stronger. As a result, Stormly is a better choice for users who want to be sure that their data is well-protected.

If you’re looking for a product analytics tool that uses machine learning to help you uncover insights from your data, Stormly is the way to go. And if you’re still using Amplitude, it’s time to make the switch – it’s an outdated and expensive technology. With Stormly, you can get all the insights you need to improve your product while saving money. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!