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Difference between Product Analytics and Marketing Analytics

When most people think of analytics, they think of marketing analytics. However, product analytics is a very different beast. Marketers use historical data to understand customer behavior and craft messages that resonate, while product managers, on the other hand, use analytics to understand how customers are using a product and identify areas for improvement.

Why Google Analytics Doesn't Help To Improve Your Product

How many times have you opened Google Analytics, looked at one of the reports, and as a result, got an insight that led you to an idea on how to actually improve your product? It’s probably close to zero.

Why Stormly Dashboards are a massive upgrade from Amplitude

We know, as a Product Manager, you’re probably looking for the next best analytics tool to replace your current one. Stormly is an upgrade from Amplitude and is perfect for most use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Stormly and Amplitude, Mixpanel and Pendo?

Stormly is the best choice for product teams because of its ability to provide out-of-the-box insights with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms. Without Stormly, you need to rely on manual analysis and formulas created by a skillful person – your results may vary according to the knowledge and competency of this individual. Furthermore, Stormly’s insights are available for the whole organisation in one centralised platform, so everyone has access to them. What's more, it's easy to integrate allowing teams to create reports in minutes and make decisions backed by accurate data. Stormly is an all-encompassing product analytics tool that goes beyond simple general metrics, giving teams the ability to customize their reports for even deeper insight. It's no wonder so many leading companies choose Stormly when looking for reliable and comprehensive product analytics.

Can I use Stormly for free?

Stormly's powerful features can help to take your product to the next level without having to pay a single cent up to 25k tracked events per month. This makes Stormly an incredibly useful tool for those who are just starting but want to gain valuable insights on their customer base without shelling out too much money each month. With Stormly's free plan, you are able to truly understand how customers use your product or services and get detailed feedback on how they interact with your business--all at zero cost!

How much does Stormly cost compared to Amplitude, Mixpanel and Pendo?

If your product team is looking to gain insights into how well your product is performing, you may have come across the various analytics solutions out there. And while services such as Amplitude, Mixpanel and Pendo can give you valuable data, Stormly offers a significantly better value for money. Not only does it provide all the same basic data that these other services do, but it also digs deeper by adding machine learning and sophisticated user segmentation capabilities to its platform. With multiple features combined in one easy-to-use package, Stormly gives users access to granular customer behavior data at a fraction of the cost of many of its competitors. Additionally, with Stormly, it is possible to pay a monthly fee instead of a 1 year commitment, like in case of Amplitude. When it comes to selecting a product analytics service that's both high quality and has great value for money, look no further than Stormly – be ready to better understand customer usage and take advantage of savings!

How can I integrate the data with Stormly?

Benefit from zero-code integration by connecting Stormly directly to Segment. Or use our tracking libraries to start collecting data from the web, mobile or server side. Already using MixPanel or Amplitude? Stormly can import historical data from these platforms, so that you can easily give us a try!

What metrics can I track with Stormly?

Stormly is a comprehensive analytics platform that helps organizations make better decisions with their data. With Stormly, you can easily get insight into user journey, enabling you to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior. Whether you’re looking to uncover the “aha-moment” that drives adoption or need help understanding your loyal user base, Stormly can help. The platform also analyzes retention levels linked to individual segments or features in your product to provide deep insights for any goal. Finally, for the forward-thinkers out there, robust forecasting capabilities enable you to accurately predict dips and trends in usage over time. Stormly takes digital analytics to the next level, putting all these powerful tools in one intuitive platform so your team can get actionable insights from your data — no coding required.

Does Stormly have built-in automations?

It can be hard to predict which users will convert, or who's likely to churn away. It takes a lot of data and analysis to gain a better understanding of your audience, but with the right tools, you can get the insights you need. That's where Stormly comes in! Stormly helps you measure, analyze and take action from your customer data. It allows you to filter target users according to specific metrics, such as highest retention, to create custom audiences. You also have access to automated notifications about things like unsuccessful feature launches that may affect user satisfaction. With Stormly at your fingertips, it doesn't matter how complex your audience is — you'll always have the insights necessary for success. Plus, all the data collected is stored securely so you know exactly what kind of information you’re mining from user behavior. So if accurate predictions and informed decisions are what you're after, then Stormly is definitely a tool for you.

Is data mining and data cleaning is also covered by Stormly?

We recognize that data mining and data cleaning make up a major portion of the data analysis process. That's why we have designed Stormly to take care of this for you! Our efficient platform instantly ingests your data, cleans it, prepares the features need and run the models - making getting insights from data an effortless out-of-the-box experience.


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