By: Stormly

Basic Reporting

Use standard reports such as funnel, retention or event custom SQL to get a quick overview of your data.

Funnel Report
Which steps has user completed within a funnel?
Session Report
How long do users stay on average and how many times they come back?
Retention Report
When and how often user comes back after doing some actions?
Retention On Attribute
Calculate total retention based on e.g. price of payment event to get insight into recurring revenue.
Number of Users
Get a quick overview of the number of users
Performed Action
How many total and percentage of users performed at single action at least one or more times?
Users Retained After X Days
How many and what percentage of users are retained after e.g. 30 days?
Count Events
Report all events by the date and time they were performed.
Count Events - By User Cohorts
Count all events by their user cohorts as date.
Count User Properties
Report on calculation of (custom) user properties, by their user chort dates.
Virality Report
Find out how many users are brought in through other users
Custom SQL
Use custom SQL to get analyze your data
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